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Best Tips & Tricks for Droppers to Prepare for NEET 2018

(NEET) National Eligibility cum Entrance Test  is governed by CBSE Board. Neet is one of the toughest competitive exams for students who seek admission into different medical courses like BDS and MBBS, Every year a large number of Students appear for these NEET exams for every student it is very important to do proper studies for preparation of NEET exam. We will share you some of most important tips and tricks, students can prepare for NEET easily.
 Listed below are tips for sure-fire success with NEET.

 Tip #1: Gather relevant information:

For preparation of NEET 2019 students must make a  note of all the important and necessary exam details like the exam pattern, curriculum. This important point help student to get ideas of important concepts for NEET 2019.

Analyze the Mistakes you committed during previous preparation.

 Before you start preparation for NEET, you should collect all the official syllabus for NEET. You should start preparing  for NEET 2019 with the board syllabus and plan your daily study time. However, do not waste your time on topics that are not included in the syllabus. Below is the table that shows 3 main subjects  and books for theory and MCQs in each subject:

Objective books
Trueman’s Elementary Biology and Companion Biology by K. Bhatti
Trueman’s Objective Biology and MTG Publication’s AIIMS Explorer
Concepts of Physics by H.C.Verma
Physics for Medical Entrance Examination by D.C.Pandey
Physical Chemistry for Medical Entrance by O.P Tandon
Objective Chemistry
(Volume I and II) by Arihant publications

2) Study Schedule 

For NEET preparation students should have a good study schedule . Students plan your schedule in such a way that there are no long hours of study period. Students must take proper break in between studies so that your mind is not blocked. Once you follow a schedule, it would make it easier to maintain your time and cover the entire syllabus. Students have to make notes of important formulae and equations while studying. ones a chapter is over  attempt the sample questions based on that chapter. This is the best way to gauge if you have learnt the concept well or if there some scope for improvement.

Student must do self study for at least 4 hours a day initially and gradually progress as the exam draws nearer. Student   divide your study slots in such a way that you don’t spend more than 3 hours continuously at the same topic. You also  have to take minimum of 7 hours of sound sleep is essential to keep your mind fresh and alert. Also, take some time out for hobbies and recreational activities.

3 ) Prioritize and Work a bit extra on your weaker areas

 As a student of NEET  Your preparation is incomplete without proper evaluation. Try to prioritize the topics according to the importance and the level of your merit. Solve solve old question papers, take tests with your friends, and follow tips of your seniors. It is important to revise older concepts to master them completely, and then move over to other concepts. If you are facing a problem in particular topic  then seek help from teachers, seniors or your fellow mates who know that concept well. Don't Ignoring that topic that you may be not be that good at, can cost you precious marks in the exam you need to understand of the topic, and some practice to perfect it.

4) Evaluate your work

No preparation is incomplete without proper evaluation. Always make it a point to evaluate your performance based on your preparation. Take tests with your friends, and follow tips of your seniors. In this way, it would be easier to cover almost all topics.

5) Stay Healthy

While you are preparing for NEET, make it sure that you take good care of your health. Study at late nights for long hours can effect your health. But, you should always aim to eat well, take frequent breaks, avoid junk food, exercise or walk a little, and practice yoga or meditation for improved concentration. With all these tips, preparation for NEET won’t be difficult for the coming year.

Wish you All the Very Best !


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