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Points for 2019 NEET Exams:

1)Previously CBSE was responsible for conducting NEET& JEE (main) exams. But now NTA (national testing agency) will conducts there exams.    2)NEET will be conducted twice in a year in February 2019 and May 2019. Student can appear in both exams simultaneously the best score in both will be considered for admission.    3)The exam practice can be done on nearby computer center provided by the government.    4)The exam will be computer based. An option of choosing the date with in a span of 4 to 5 days will be given to the aspirant.    5)No change in the previous syllabus, question formats, language & fees for the exams.

How Parents Can Help Their Child Succeed in NEET/IIT-JEE Preparation

It is very difficult for every parent to see their child go through every challenge of entrance exams. Cracking NEET/IIT-JEE is a dream of many students but not everyone clears the exam. In the entrance exams students as they indulge in night cram sessions, over-doses of caffeine, unhealthy eating habits, and extremely high levels of stress and anxiety.
Lot of parents seen hammering their child to perform well and to score good ranking on the academic front. By hammering their child many parents ignore the fact that keeping too much expectation from a child can develop anxiety in them which might slowly tend towards depression if neglected. This can affect the overall performance of the child. It is very important thing for parents toremember that parents play a very important role in helping their child preparation for entrance exams and that is the reason why we have compiled some points on how parents can help their child succeed in NEET/IIT-JEE Preparation. Without a delay, let’s…

9 Tips and Tricks to crack IIT-JEE 2019

To clear for competitive exams like IIT JEE you need hard work and persistence but it is also important to have some tricks and tips up your sleeves. For example: Efficiency is most important – if you don’t make silly mistakes, you will prevent yourself from losing 10-15 easy marks. All these efforts just double up when you are aiming for IIT JEE two year integrated program. We beings to you more tips and tricks to creak IIT-JEE to help you in prepare better. This blog is not about discussion about 15 lakhs students’ applicants trying their heart out to crack JEE Main or the alleged 2% success rate of students.

For most of students creaking IIT-JEE main is all about hard work and proper persistence it is important for you to have tips some tips and tricks to boost your performance. It is very important for every student to optimize their time and approach for the big exam. Every year NEET and JEE exam is conducted on the month of April. Where as the online mode will head on April. CB…

5 Important Tips for Medical Entrance Exams in India

Every Year more than thousands of students appear for medical entrance test in India, out of few of the students are able to achieve their goal. If you are a youngster trying out your luck this year 2018. Medical entrance examination are hard to crack student required a lot of focus and deep analysis of theoryand expert practical work students feel nervous and under tremendous pressure. The proper way of preparing for exam is to calm yourself while preparing for your entrance exam. Most probably 2018 medical involve NEET. Experts at vision have designed a comprehensive guide to help you prepare for medical entrance exams. There are the some important tips about how you can prepare for medical entrance test preparation.
Here are 5 powerful study tips for medical entrance test preparations: 1) TIME TABLE–It goes without saying that any challenging exam needs you to focus on optimum time management. Scheduling your priorities is essential as this is the only way you can remain on track as …

Top Medical Colleges in North India 2018

This year admission  season is going to get kick started in next few months and the race of getting into the dream college is all set. Searching for the top medical colleges in North India 2018 is not a difficult task. Every year lot of students have been preparing for long to make their dream a reality. To become a doctor  is considered as the life savior and he is the who bears the expectations of his patients that under his treatment, there will be steady recovery. Every year more than one lakh students appear for medical entrances every year but how to know which college is good for you. There are various number of medical entrances  exams vision help you to crack quality education to students preparing for various competitive examinations and it is a Best medical coaching institute in Delhi for choosing a right Colleges you involves a number of factors such as college fees, location, facilities, exposure and placements.

1) All India Institute of Medical Sciences:

It is a best g…

7 Important Study habits for success: Tips for Students 2018

Now a days You’ve seen the lists – 100 study habits that will make you successful. For your student, this might mean thinking about your study habits. Here are some suggestions to help you learn as efficiently as possible.

Human brains are impressive machines, but they can’t handle everything at once. For us to digest there is simply too much going on in our sensory environment. For students we need there is simply too much going on in our sensory environment. Avoid listing music it won't help you in learning but it will distract you. Don't do multi-tasking while you learning because your brain is actually trying its hardest to switch rapidly between tasks you can easily get distracted while doing multi taking and switch focus, it takes minutes to settle back into the groove of studying. Students must minimize your distractions and focus your attention on the task at hand.


Learning isn’t easy, and understands new concepts are …

From 2019, students can appear for JEE, NEET tests twice in a year

From this year more than 12 lakh students sat for the annual JEE Main for admission to engineering institutions. Many Students want tomake the grade, while others would have wanted to improve their scores, but their next opportunity would have come only a year later. On saterday 8/9/2018 government announcing that students who sat for the annual JEE Main can sit twice a year for not only JEE Main, but also NEET for entry into medical colleges.

The Examinees will be able to appear for JEE Main in January and April of every year and for NEET in February and May for the academic sessions beginning in August of that year.This will allow an examinee to choose either of the months to attempt the engineering or medical entrance test, or to repeat the test if the first score doesn’t prove satisfactory.
The exam will take care of the variation in difficulty levels in the two tests in each course through the use of specialised standardisation techniques while determining the final scores. The stude…

9 Competitive Exams for students after class 10th 2018

After class 10th students start working towards their career path.  But it is a good idea for a child as young as 10th  to start focusing on a particular stream.

NEET and JEE every year millions of students prepare for to get into leading undergraduate medical and engineering college/institutions across India. Every year more than 13 lakhs of students are appear for the medical exam and approximately 15 lakhs for engineering exam.
Now a days after completion of 10th  there are several competitive exams students aim for, after class 10th, few of them include:

1) National Talent Search Examination or NTSE:
NCERT organized NTSE for students of various classes. NTSE is the most popular examination conducted in india. NCERT started in the year 1963. The main  purpose of this was to identify talented students and nurture their talent. It’s a national-level scholarship program that requires students to go beyond books to prepare thoroughly to score high in the exam. 

In the NTSE stage 1 of the ex…