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7 Important Study habits for success: Tips for Students 2018

Now a days You’ve seen the lists – 100 study habits that will make you successful. For your student, this might mean thinking about your study habits. Here are some suggestions to help you learn as efficiently as possible.


Human brains are impressive machines, but they can’t handle everything at once. For us to digest there is simply too much going on in our sensory environment. For students we need there is simply too much going on in our sensory environment. Avoid listing music it won't help you in learning but it will distract you. Don't do multi-tasking while you learning because your brain is actually trying its hardest to switch rapidly between tasks you can easily get distracted while doing multi taking and switch focus, it takes minutes to settle back into the groove of studying. Students must minimize your distractions and focus your attention on the task at hand.


Learning isn’t easy, and understands new concepts are very important. Student bust take proper 8hrs sleep so that you can feel fresh and attentive the next day. Proper sleep is also critical what happened the previous day. Studies show that both animals and humans show a crucial function of sleep is to re-process and consolidate what happened during the day.

In resent studies scientists have recorded brain activity patterns first while an animal learns a task, and again when the animal next sleeps. Remarkably, the patterns in sleep are strikingly similar to what is seen when the animal learns. In other words, sleep plays an indispensable role in storing our memories for the long-term.

Test yourself

Students must do testing their own knowledge than by re-studying material. The “testing effect” is a well-established phenomenon in learning. While reading topic also highlight important passages.

You can test yourself by doing practice exams. The process of recalling important topic can help students to do deeper learning take place, and it works even better if you can check whether your answer is correct. While reading through a textbook you can give yourself mini-tests, trying to recall the major points of each chapter you finish.

Although scientist are doing regular researchers and  still trying to figure out the brain mechanisms behind the effect, there is plenty of evidence for its effectiveness.


Make your own mnemonics for classroom concepts for eg If you learned music as a child, you probably remember one of the mnemonics for notes on a scale.

For example, maybe you need to memories the noble gases in the periodic table (He, Ne, Ar, Kr, Xe, Rn). Just make a crazy sentence out of it and you’ll find it much easier (for example, “he never argues, Krusty, xenophobic runt.” This one might only make sense if you watched The Simpsons).

Your “memory palace” is a place you know well, like your house, or the route you take to the bus stop. You fill this palace with the things you need to remember, and then you re-create a path that takes you past all of those items.

This technique relies partly on the fact that our hippocampus – the part of the brain where many memories are formed – is also crucial for navigation. Both anecdotal and scientific evidence show anybody can improve their memory using this approach. Analogies and metaphors can be great tools for learning.

Space out (your learning)

Our teachers and parents are always telling us never go on wrong way to learn and it is for your own god reason. It just isn’t as effective as spacing your learning over days, weeks and months. This is known as the “spacing effect”.

While practice something you give you brain the opportunity to strengthen the connections between neurons. The strengthening process is similar to how hikers trampling through a forest create worn paths over time. The more hikers, the more distinct the path, just like repeated practice helps lay down strong neural pathways to store memories.

Don’t Stress Your Brain

Don't take more stress it will causes your brain to work slowly and inefficiently. Students must take regular break during  study session and take proper and healthy diet , and try not to over focus on any one area. Try to be aware of what will be covered on a given test to avoid wasting time.

Seeking Out Help

If you face any droughts while studying or preparing for exams don’t be afraid to enlist help. You can join study groups or hire a hire a tutor, or enroll in an online program. Students must take  advantage of whatever resources  so that your study time will not got wasted time.

If you find that you’re struggling in any subject, take a hard look at your study habits. You may need to make adjustments as time goes on. Always remember that proper planning ahead and working through problems will always beat impromptu cram sessions.


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