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6 tips to write the perfect answers in CBSE Board exams


The CBSE board exams are currently shaking up every nook of every country. Every influential figure are giving their advice to students appearing for next year board exams . we are sharing with you some of the important tips and tricks that can help you to make hat of ideas to make a mark for themselves in the boards.

How do students learn?

Some students read the whole text first and then write and answer. for some students reading just a answer is suffice for many other aspirants. Mainly students turn hysterical and collect a huge chuck of information on every particular topic in their syllabus. Reading and learning is a simple way of completing the syllabus in time.
Every student have their own style of learning but none of them is sufficient to score good marks in exams .It is important for students to perform well in the examination hall otherwise all of their efforts will go in vain. In board exam every students want to get good marks in board exams.


   1)      Don't write everything you know

Before the exams started many students generally get panic and try to pour out whatever they know to make the answer look lengthy.  This make an average impression on the examiner it is advisable to keep the gate-keeping theory in mind. It better that you need to write the answer strategically you can choose the right words, and structure your answer in a compact and concise manner. Students should write all they know about the topic in answer. You must keep that in mind that your answer must be concise to the point as per the question asked.

   2)    Use easy and understandable language

Now a days every schools use English as a medium of learning and so students must know how to write in a simple and clear language. It is indeed the root cause why a number of students flunk in complicated subjects carrying advanced vocabulary such as history, science, geography.

   3)    Do not use contractions

Do not use these kind of words such as wouldn't, couldn't, should've in your answer sheets Inspire of that you can use would not, could not or should have for eg:

Incorrect: The results won't be released until they've been verified.

Correct: The results will not be released until they have been verified.

   4)    Avoid active voice in fact based answer

when you are writing an answer in a step by step manner always avoid using active voice instead of that use passive voice as it sounds more academic and it removes you as a student out of the context of your answer which is based on facts for example .

Incorrect: I completed the experiment as I was told to.

Correct: The experiment was completed as instructed.

Incorrect: As you can see, the experiment was successful.

Correct: As can be seen, the experiment was successful.

   5)    Replace long phrases with single words

Given that the answer should be framed concisely, avoid using a barrage of words just to stretch the answer. Many multi-word verbs have a single word alternative. In academic contexts it is generally advised to use the more formal single word instead of the multi-word verb.

Incorrect: It was difficult to get hold of the raw material.

Correct: It was difficult to obtain the raw material.

   6)    Written English is different from spoken English
There is a difference between spoken and written English, student write what they use in their day to day life in the examination. For instance, a number of students make glaring spelling errors in small words like, 'shud' instead of should, or use the word 'like' excessively in wrong contexts.

Incorrect: There was like loads of awesome stuff made before the factory closed.

Correct:  Before its closure the factory manufactured a large variety of popular goods.

Tips for writing a smart and innovative answer.

  • ·        Always start your answer with generic line about the subject.
  • ·        You should all some meant to you answer with figure and examples
  • ·        Don't break the flow of information keep it coherent


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