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How To Prepare For JEE Main & Advanced Exam - 2018 / 2019?

Some students think that IIT JEE examination is next to impossible to crack. They think it make take years of dedication and exceptional intelligence to crack it. You can creak IIT JEE exams with the proper strategy and direction. We provide you some important steps to crack IIT JEE lists out guidelines that point out how any candidates who is sincere and wishes to successfully take admissions into IITs can do so by following these. The examination pattern of JEE has gone through a progression over a year. Their are 2 steps for JEE : JEE Main and JEE Advanced Join an IIT JEE coaching institute in Delhi for preparation of exams.

The first and most important steps is to believe in you self that "you can do it". You can make a good strategy and always considers all angles of the problem to know them well before solving it. Check the 5 steps to crack IIT-JEE, follow them to get a foot into the IITs.

Some factors to keep in mind

1)   Time management

Time management: Is a very crucial issue facing JEE aspirants it is problem of time management. Student should make daily schedules of their study’s so they can devote proper time in preparation of IIT JEE if they strive very hard. Students should give proper important to all of their subjects like physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

2)   Proper revision and practice:

Students must do proper revision for JEE. It is very important to put the topics learnt to practice and this is where revision comes to the rescue. If you do more practice you will gain more knowledge. So while you prepare the unfinished syllabus, you also revise the topics that have been already learnt.

3)   Examination pattern

The syllabus for JEE main & advance is immense and get good rank, it is important to go through all the subjects and have mastery in it. The right way excel is to go through each and every topic. Some of the topics are very high scoring. So emphasis should be as per the exam pattern.

4)   Solve Previous Years’ Papers

Students must have to solve previous years JEE main and advanced examiners because some questions are repetitive sometimes. Practicing previous years’ question papers helps to understand the examiner’s mind set.

5)   Study from the right books:

Now a days there are lot of books in internet for preparation of jee, it is vital that you choose books that guide and help you in your IIT JEE journey. Most of the students buy lot of books and then got confused that which one to study from. You must choose good study material and stick to it. Switching from one book to another will also harm your preparation. For proper study you required with a good analytical skill set.


  1. JEE Main Syllabus 2019, NTA prepare the exam syllabus for JEE Main. we have posted the complete syllabus for Preparation on this page.


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